Silent installation of Oracle 12c Release 2 on Linux

Varshitha B
2 min readMay 3, 2021

Oracle database is an RDMS system from Oracle Corporation.

For more information on Oracle database refer

Steps to install Oracle12c client on Linux .

Download and Extract Oracle 12c Software

1. Download oracle12c software from oracle official website

2. Copy the downloaded installable to the Linux machine and unzip

1. Now edit the response file client_install.rsp in the unzipped folder

Enter values for the following variables

UNIX_GROUP_NAME= // set the group name

INVENTORY_LOCATION= //set the path where Oracle inventory file need

to be placed

ORACLE_HOME= //set the path where Oracle should be installed

ORACLE_BASE= // set the path where Oracle should be installed

oracle.install.client.installType= //Administrator

Install the Oracle12c software

4. cd /oracle12cr2/client

5. ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs -showProgress -silent -responseFile


Note: Give the absolute path of response file

6. Once installation is complete run the script with root user

TNS File

Create the TNS file and give the server details

Set .bash_profile

Set the environment variable in .bash_profile for the following

export ORACLE_HOME =

export ORACLE_BASE =


export PATH =

export TNS_ADMIN =

DSN creation

We can test the oracle in unixodbc using isql. Create the dsn in

.odbc.ini and set the following variables

[dsn name]

Driver =

Username =

Password =




Test Oracle12c using isql

isql dsn_name username password -v